How Does Bluetooth Work?

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Wires, wires, wires, aren’t they just so inconvenient? Especially in our fast paced busy lifestyle finding and carrying all these wires for our devices and dealing with them getting tangled for the millionth time! 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just automatically connect the devices together wirelessly? Well, drumroll please for Bluetooth! 

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 It is an extremely efficient way to connect our gadgets via Bluetooth further minimizing the hassle to connect countless wires for every device. 

This peculiar name derives itself but a Danish king Harald Bluetooth. Let’s unravel this incredible invention called Bluetooth! 

What is Bluetooth? 

  • Just like the fast internet connection you’re using right now perhaps while reading this article your internet comes from a router that is directly connected to the Net.  
  • We have this connectivity through numerous waves buzzing invisibly in the air, so when they said love is in the air, they meant the radiations. 
  • Similar to the concept of the internet, Bluetooth works through radio-wave technology however it is broadly only used for small distances of less than 10m or 30ft. 
  • Most often you might use Bluetooth to connect your headset with devices like your phone, tablet, laptop etc. Or with a mouse connected with your pc or laptop 

How does Bluetooth work? 

  • Bluetooth receives and sends radio waves in a band of 79 different frequencies centred on 2.45 GHz. 
  • Bluetooth devices automatically detect and connect to one another and up to eight of them can communicate at any one time. 
  • Bluetooth technology uses the principles of device “inquiry” and “inquiry scan.”   
  • Data is transmitted in these specific slots amongst Bluetooth enabled devices. 
  • This frequency hopping happens in between transmission or receptors packets, hence the packets are sent over different frequencies through the ISM band. 

Now you have an idea about the perplexing work yet fascinating world of complex technology that we use on a daily basis, let us know your feelings on this! 

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