This course is designed for children of age group 6-11 years old, to introduce them to programming. This course would help in enhancing their logical, analytical, creative, problem-solving skills. The activities and major projects would help in enhancing their presentation and collaboration skills.

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Robotics is derived from the Czech word ‘ROBOTA’ which means servitude. Robotics is a very interesting field of study which enables students to understands various concepts of science, math, and technology. The course is designed such that students get exposure to various robots like mobile robots, aerial robots, and robotic arms. The student will also get exposure to different sensors, actuators, and intelligent controllers to move these robots.


· Familiarity with a wide range of sensors used for robotics

· Working with different types of motors.

· Making of mobile robots.

· Developing essential programming skills, by working on Arduino.

· Developing problem-solving capability using Robots.

· The course will also comprise of two mini-projects, in the middle of the course, and a mega-project towards the end of the course.




1. Laptop/Chromebook/Computer/IPad with Internet Connection

2. Zoom Installed

Duration: 4 Months

The schedule will be for 3 days a week. The exact schedule will be discussed and shared after the registration.