Electronics for Kids


This course is designed for children of age group 6-11 years old, to introduce them to programming. This course would help in enhancing their logical, analytical, creative, problem-solving skills. The activities and major projects would help in enhancing their presentation and collaboration skills.


From the alarm clock ticking beside your bed to the most modern deep space mission to understand outer space, electronics has an integral role to play in everyone’s life. Arduino a small controller has revolutionized the use of electronics for hobbyists, tinkers, researchers, and big companies too from the past decade. So, in this course, we dive into understanding the possibilities of electronics along with Arduino, by playing with simple circuits, sensors, and actuators. This course is designed for the age group starting from 8yrs.



· Understanding the working of different components in an electronic circuit.

· Learning to rig up simple circuits on breadboards.

· Learning about the Arduino board

· Making simple code to use output devices like LEDs, Buzzers, etc. with the Arduino board.

· Making simple codes to use different input devices like pushbuttons, switches, etc. with the Arduino board.

· Interfacing sensors like the Light sensors, Ultrasonics sensors, etc. with the Arduino board.

· Interface actuators like servo motors, DC motors, etc. with the Arduino board.

· Developing problem-solving capability using electronics.

· The course will comprise of 2 mini projects in between the sessions and 1 mega project towards the end of the session.






1. Laptop/Chromebook/Computer/IPad with Internet Connection

2. Zoom Installed


Duration: 3 Months

The schedule will be for 3 days a week. The exact schedule will be discussed and shared after the registration.