• environmental cost of AI AI in healthcare e-libraries Artificial Intelligence sustainable
    Shriya Sarang
    We all agree that Artificial intelligence is the future. But with the climate change row hitting us, are we really answering the question of what is the environmental cost of AI? Or if we question it the other way, is the environmental cost of AI worth the returns and the
  • 3d print
    Shriya Sarang
     Have you ever wondered whether human organs could be 3D printed? Wouldnt it save so many lives if we could customise the organs by printing them instead of waiting for the right donor? Let’s know about it more.    Hey lappie, print me an organ.…. . . . .  Is
  • ebay facial recognition ai shopping
    Shriya Sarang
    Do you shop from a retail store or an online one? Well, it’s time you switch to the brand-new stores which use Artificial Intelligence for shopping.    Credits : TenbyTen Beacons Beacons are small wireless devices that produce a continuous signal. The Bluetooth recognises this signal in your phone. The phone
  • Self-Driving Cars
    Shriya Sarang
    Think about a scenario a few years ahead, cars that do not have a driver. Some aunties will look at it and say ghosts are driving the vehicle. But that’s not at all true. A self-driving car is driven by a program made in the evolving technology. But why aren’t
  • robots cook future of work future job
    Shriya Sarang
    Why hire a chef when we have AI to do that for you! Robots Cook Now! This robot kitchen will first make delicious food and then even clean up after you are done! Today we’re going to meet a fully automatic robot kitchen that will not only save your effort
  • yahoo Artificial Intelligence alphazero
    Shriya Sarang
    A computer program that is capable of teaching itself? Sounds like a dream. But it is actually a reality. AlphaZero is a program that learns while from its mistakes and keeps learning new things.   Credits : TenbyTen Until now, we have seen computers act out on the instructions that are given

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