Photoshop for Creative Minds

This workshop is designed for children of age group 11-18 years old, to introduce them to various tools used to create beautiful graphics. This course would help in enhancing their photo editing skills. The activities and major projects would help in enhancing their presentation and collaboration skills.  Objectives of the Course: 

  • To Introduce Children to photo editing skills 
  • Have a fundamental understanding of the photoshop tools 
  • Learn how to make use of more advanced features that will make your Photographs pieces of art. 
  • Learn how to create special effects in images 
  • Familiarity with the Photoshop user interface 
  • Understanding real-life workflow situations 
  • Various projects to understand the use of photoshop in real life. 

No pre-requisites or prior coding experience required.

Age Group: 10 years and above

Time Duration: 10 Days (60-90 minutes session every day)

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