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Workshop Achievement: Project Showcase before Expert Panel from Industry Achievement Certificate on Workshop Completion Get Featured on TenByTen YouTube Channel Workshop Highlights Understanding the working of motors, battery, motor drivers etc. An Introduction into a multi-disciplinary world of technology Learn how to independently build mobile robots to find solutions to …

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Build your own Robot

Robotics is derived from the Czech word ‘ROBOTA’ which means servitude. Robotics is a very interesting field of study which enable students to understands various concepts of science, math and technology. The workshop is designed such that students get exposure to various robots like mobile robots, aerial robots and robotic arms. The student will …

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning using Python

This workshop is to introduce children to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The objective of the workshop is to make children understand the algorithms behind the technologies around them. They will get exposure to concepts like face recognition, object recognition, speech recognition, pose detection, image recognition, natural language processing, etc. …

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Coding with Minecraft

This course is for all Minecraft enthusiasts! If your children are passionate about games, this course is for them. This workshop is designed for children of age group 10-15 years old, to introduce them to game coding through Minecraft. Children will create their own world using tools, armour, blocks, crop …

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