Days 5-7 Challenge

Last 4 days were all about creating sprites, costumes, knowing scratch and sharing your scratch projects.

Now its time to start working on your final challenge which will last for next 3 days. 

So, your last and final challenge for Scratch Week 2021 is to create a scratch project that follows these rules:

  1. You can use any number of sprites, but using your Day 1 sprite and Day 3 costumes is mandatory, if you have participated for these days.
  2. The project should be in one of these categories:
    • Animation
    • Story
    • Game
    • Music
    • Art
    • Interviews
  3. The project should use:
    • Atleast 8 out of 15 Blocks available in the Motion Palette
    • Atleast 12 out of 17 Blocks available in the Looks Palette
    • Atleast 5 out of 8 Blocks available in the Sound Palette
    • Atleast 6 out of 8 Blocks available in the Events Palette
    • Atleast 7 out of 11 Blocks available in the Control Palette
    • Atleast 8 out of 13 Blocks available in the Sensing Palette
    • Atleast 10 out of 18 Blocks available in the Operators Palette
    • Atleast 2 out of 4 Blocks available in the Variables Palette
    • Atleast 2 My Blocks
    • Atleast 1 Extension
  4.  You should a comment with every new block you add to ensure you are fulfilling the above rules. To add a comment, right click on the block and you get an option to add comment. An example is shown here:

You can work in teams for this challenge. The Maximum Team Size can be 4.

  • If you work in teams, your average score would be considered. i.e. Suppose there were 3 participants who participated individually till Day 4 and their scores were 32, 36, 28 till now, so as a team, their score will be (32+36+28)/3 = 32.
  • Sprites and Costumes of every team member should be used in their final project.

This zoom meeting would be active from May 21, 2 PM IST to May 24, 10 AM IST. You can join anytime and discuss with other participants.

  • Meeting Id: 857 6843 7602
  • Password: tenbyten

Submit your projects on this link: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/29750051/

The deadline to submit your files for Challenge 4 is May 24, 12 PM GMT +5:30. 

NOTE : Day 5  Challenge is compulsory for all participants. 


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