Day 3 Challenge

Now its time to load the sprite you create on Day 1

In case you have forgotten, the themes were:

  1. Corona Warrior
  2. Space
  3. Robot
  4. Happy Soul
For Day 3 Challenge, you need to design 5 different costumes for your sprite you submitted on Day 1. 
  1. All the costumes should represent different moods, phases, poses, stages.
  2. Changes in colors, shades, accessories will not be counted as a new costume.
  3. Every costume should be a modification or a new form of the original sprite. 
  4. Adding a new sprite as a new costume is not allowed.
  5. Your score depends on how creative, clean and meaningful your costumes are. 

Submit your sprite files in .sprite3 format. 

The deadline to submit your file for Challenge 3 is May 20, 12 PM GMT +5:30. 

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please upload your project file here. (sprite3format)

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