Firstly, I would like to thank all the participants for participating. The Judges highly appreciated the projects and enthusiasm shown by every participant. You all are amazing coders and presenters.  


Winning and Loosing are the part of life.

If we win, we should know how to celebrate our victory and still stay grounded.

If we loose, we should know how to accept it, work on it and come up with a better version.

Congratulations to every presenter!

Every winner would be awarded an appreciation e-certificate. And all the participants would be awarded participation e-certificates. 

The prizes, gifts and goodies would be delivered after the lockdown ends.

Category 1:   Scratch Animators

First Position: Darsh  Agarwal

Second Position: Eshan Goyal

Category 2:   Web Developers

First Position: Vignesh Mukundan

Second Position: Surya Balaje, Visisht Pravin

Category 3:   Scratch Gamers

First Position: Surya Balaje

Second Position: Sahil Chopra

Category 4:  Mobile App Developers

First Position: Shrey Jindal

Second Position: Pranav Singla

Category 5:  Scratch Juniors

First Position: Shristi Saria

Second Position: Havi 

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