Scratch Programming

Course Highlights:
• Coding Fundamentals through Block Programming
• Storytelling and Animation through Coding
• Game Development

Course Achievement:
• Published Animation and Game
• Project Presentation in front of Expert Panel from Industry
• Achievement Certificate on Course Completion

This course introduces children to coding through block programming. They learn programming fundamentals while creating stories, animations and games using coding blocks.
This course helps in introducing children to coding and enhancing their logical thinking skills. This course is especially for kids of age group 6-12 to teach them the basic concepts of coding in a visualized approach with various animated characters.

· Understand programming fundamentals
· Learn to think logically, reason systematically and work creatively.
· Learn block-based programming.
· Understand complex computer science concepts by applying them in code.
· Create interactive visual stories.
· Develop smart and fun games with animations.

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