Who Wins When The Smartest Digital Assistants Race?

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Which digital assistant do you think is the best based on merit? And what all things do you consider while judging digital assistants? Read on to find the answers to your questions.   

Just the way we give exams, and the marks tell us who ranks first in the class, the digital assistants too have gone through a neck-to-neck competition, and one of them is the No.1. This analysis includes four categories-   

  1. Basic Search   
  2. Compatibility   
  3. AI Capabilities   
  4. Accents   

Based on these four categories, we will analyse which digital assistant is the best among the following-   

  • Google Assistant
Google Assistant
Credits : TenbyTen
  • Siri
Credits : TenbyTen
  • Cortana
Credits : TenbyTen
  • Alexa
amazon's alexa
Credits : TenbyTen

As every digital assistant is unique in its own way, you can choose any of them. So, let’s get on with the Digital assistant analysis-    

Basic Search   

Basic questions about general knowledge were asked to the digital assistants, and as expected, all of them answered correctly. 

Credits : TenbyTen


This criterion checks the compatibility of the digital assistant with devices. Basically, it means checking whether the software can work with all types of hardware. 

Credits : TenbyTen

Artificial Intelligence Capabilities   

The capacities of the assistants, which make them different, are counted under this category.  

Credits : TenbyTen


This category studies if digital assistants can understand and comprehend all types of accents or not. Accents are the way a word is pronounced in different parts of the world. Like there are many types of English like British English, American English, Indian English, etc. 

Credits : TenbyTen

So, finally, according to the analysis, the best digital assistant is Google Assistant.

Credits : TenbyTen

But remember to choose the right assistant for you by your own choice. Feel free to let us know which digital assistant is your favourite.  

Voice assistants can help with a variety of tasks – whether it is searching for information on the internet, playing your favourite song or even telling a joke. Ask Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant about today’s weather. What do you notice about their voice when they respond? They are all women. But why are all voice assistants female?

Analysis conducted by The Medium. 

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