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WhatsApp is a widely used software by all generations. Its purposes are also not limited to chatting to also extend to call, for sending educational notes, sending voice notes, documents and many other things too.
Whatsapp Ethical Hacking
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Inception Story of WhatsApp

Brian Acton and Jan Koum were working at Yahoo when they were struck with an idea to travel the world and decided to quit their jobs. But soon, the duo realised that while they were travelling the world, their savings were getting used up. Hence, they decided to get back to working which is when they joined Facebook.

But again at Facebook, the duo found the spark missing and went to develop what’s the biggest success in terms of chatting application – Whatsapp.

This came unexpected hurdle in their sweet travel streak. After quitting their secure jobs at Yahoo!, Brian Acton and Jan Koum decided to dive into the unknown water of entrepreneurship. This triggered the birth of this international messenger used by millions all over the world, WhatsApp.

“You’d be an idiot to give up now. Give it a few more month”.

Jan Koum had set out to establish an app that made chatting and communication easy and sorted, with more features especially the status feature that facilitated users to know about their contact’s location/ situation they were in.

Koum was successful in making the iOS application while naming it ‘WhatsApp inc.’ in California on 24th February 2009. 

However, this app was followed by criticism as it had several bugs, crashed often and consumed battery. This left Koum rather discouraged. However, his friend Acton chimed in and said the above quote. Pondering upon his friend’s words, Koum decided to begin again.

In February 2013, the number of users spiked up to 200 million, and staff increased to 50. 

In February 2014, Facebook bought the application for a whopping $19 billion and left everyone wondering about such a valuation of Whatsapp, Facebook, however, saw WhatsApp as a potential threat in the future, as WhatsApp had already surpassed facebook’s subsidiary when it came to the engagement rate.

The application certainly changed the way we communicated, making communication much more convenient for which we’re grateful!

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