What Is Hacking And Why Is It Bad?

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Have you ever heard anyone say, ”the account was hacked”? Well, I hope not. As an account, getting hacked is not a good thing. So, what is hacking, and why is it bad? Let’s find out.  
Whatsapp Ethical Hacking
Credits : TenbyTen

You know that person opens various accounts, for example, in the bank, for emails, on social media etc. These accounts come with the security provided by the server and are sealed with a password. This password is the key that only you know. This key gives access to your account to only you so that our vital data inside the account is safe.   

This is where hacking comes into the picture. Certain hackers with ill intentions use different unethical methods to get the content of your account. Hence, you should NEVER share your password and your OTP (One time Password) with anyone. If you do then, they will have access to your account, and your data or money will be in danger.  

Such examples are a part of cyber-crime. And to counter this is the branch of Police called Cyber Police who specifically track hackers and crimes through the web. So, if you think a Police’s job is risky and always on the field? Then know that the government also employs good programmers and ethical hackers who actually work on computers to catch the criminals. So, this is also becoming a good career option for you.  

Hence, in order to keep your account and money safe, be careful with the following –  

  • Never give your password or OTP to anyone.  
  • Be careful on which devices you save your password on. Do not save any passwords on public devices like in a cyber cafe etc. 
  • Be vigilant about the kind of network you use. When on a public network like an open WIFI etc., your computer is at risk of hacking. 
  • Use anti-virus, and Windows Firewall etc., activated on your laptop for protection.  
  • Enable the 2-step verification for your account to secure it better.  
  • And above all, be aware and careful at all times. 

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