How Exactly Does Alexa Work?

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How does Alexa work? How do you think Alexa performs the various tasks? And more importantly, how does Alexa know what you are saying? Does Alexa have ears?
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Not really. But Alexa has voice recognition technology that helps the smart assistant understand everything you are saying. First, to wake up the device so that Alexa knows that you are talking to Alexa and not anyone else, you must say Alexa at the beginning of your sentence. Saying Alexa, in the beginning, activates the device, and it starts taking the instruction.   

Then as you speak the instruction, Alexa records your response and sends it to the Amazon Cloud, where it is processed. Alexa does not record anything you say to each other. But records only after you say, Alexa. Further, the smart assistant brings you back the answer to your instruction after being processed in the cloud. This process only takes a second or two. And that’s how Alexa works.  

You can also access the previous instructions that you had given to Alexa. Alexa is a smart assistant who has different recorded voices. These voices are used in the TalkBack feature, where the device answers your questions instead of showing them on the screen. Though, Alexa can also coordinate the searches on-screen.   

Further, in the TalkBack feature, Alexa can:  

  • Have a conversation with you 
  • Read a book to you
  • Fix appointments for you 
  • Set alarms and wake you up on time 
  • Play songs, movies, etc.   

What is the difference between Echo and Alexa?  

The Amazon Echo is the hardware device, while Alexa is the program that interacts with the user and works in hand with the Echo device. However, it is also possible to have Alexa on your phones and tablets. Hence, it is a virtual assistant that is compatible with most devices.   

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