6 Siri(ously) Awesome Things That You Didn’t Know About Siri

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Siri is an intelligent assistant that offers a faster, easier way to get things on your Apple devices. Additionally, it can do 6 Siri(ously) awesome things. 
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You can ask Siri to send a message on your iPhone, start a workout on your Apple watch, and play your favourite TV show on your Apple TV. 

We can call it an iBrain inside all apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Macbook (or Apple laptops ), Apple Watches, and Apple TVs. It is a built-in, voice-controlled personal assistant for Apple users.  It can provide reminders for you to make calls using the events saved on your calendar. You can store all important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. People can also use it to remind them about their office meetings.  It can set a timer/alarm for you and access any information from your apple device.  

The smart assistant has access to all the built-in applications on your Apple device like the Maps, Safari, Mail, Contacts, Messages, and so on. So it can write you a message, call a contact and even look for a location without you need to even touch your phone. You can request Apple’s digital assistant to do the various tasks by just saying “Hey Siri”. Also, in the newest versions (Apple phone that uses touch ID ), you can press the home button and request the digital assistant to do the task. 

After you call out to the assistant, you can immediately say what you need. For example, say, “Hey Siri, what’s the weather like today?”. Then the smart program will answer with a voice as well. We can choose a male or female voice to your taste. While using series 3 or later Apple watches, you hold the watch near your mouth and say what you need. Siri can announce your messages on your AirPods. There are also mini Homepods, which you can press and instruct Apple’s TalkBack assistant to control your Smart home or as a digital speaker or use as an intercom to communicate to multiple rooms. 

But what can Siri help YOU with? We created a list of the most interesting things it can do. Whether it is studying, entertainment or simply helping you with simple day-to-day tasks – it is loaded with features that can help you:

1. Math

Siri can do all your math for you, but we recommend not over-using this feature because it can’t really write your exams for you just yet.

2. Conversions

Do you want to know how many kilometres are there in a mile or how many miles in a kilometre?

3. Pronounce a word correctly

Don’t know how to pronounce ‘Otorhinolaryngologist’? Don’t worry, ask the expert voice assistant.

4. Find aeroplanes above you!

From the earth to the sky, Siri can help everywhere. While it helps with the status of current flights, it can also provide information about the plane that just went over your head! Ask, “What aeroplanes are flying above me now?” and it will tell you all about the flight.

5. Recognize a tune

Did you hear a new song that you don’t know about? You can ask Siri to ‘Name that tune.’ You can then look up the song to hear it again.

6. Flip a coin or roll a dice

Are you and your friend stuck on a decision you need to make? Are you playing a board game and just lost your dice? Siri can help you by flipping a virtual coin or a virtual dice.

Read more articles on virtual assistants here. Aren’t they such amusing and handy friends! Watch this space to learn more about them.

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