9 Amazing Cortana Features For You To Try Today!

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Cortana is a digital assistant designed by Microsoft to increase the productivity of the users. The briefing of email feature is one of the classic examples.
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Studies have shown that Cortana is the most accurate digital assistant for certain types of enquiries. Microsoft graph is a collection of data of an individual user’s productivity habits such as their device usage and their timings, the files and documents they use and their working information being tracked by Microsoft. These are assets to the AI-powered Cortana which enables it to offer a rich and robust experience when using this voice assistant compared to any other general-purpose digital assistant.

Cortana has been available for seven years. It has always been less popular with the increased use of iPhones and Apple products. Microsoft has, in fact, improvised the functionality and capability of this voice assistant in the Windows 10 edition to make it even better. Like many other voice assistants in the market, Cortana can manage the calendar and schedules and reminds you of an important appointment or a meeting using voice recognition and talkback. It can set a timer or alarm for you.

To activate it, you should first enable it on your computer. You have to open Cortana, select settings and then switch on the “Hey Cortana” toggle. Tracking flights, sending notifications across devices and all the other features need to be manually enabled to be used. Even the microphone and the speakers should be functional. With this, you are all set to activate a digital assistant to help you.

Once Cortana is activated and access to various apps is provided, it is all set to use. It can search for information, brief an email, type a document, and save a lot of your valuable time. It is quite sensible while answering our questions. It even responds to the most inappropriate questions such as:

You: Where do you live? Response: In the cloud, whatever that means.

You: Are you real? Response If I am not, you have an imaginary friend.

Here are the 9 ways you can use Cortana:

  1. Managing your schedules: You can ask cortana the current day, date, time and most importantly your schedule for a particular day. For example, if you have an important submission saved on your calendar, it can remind you about it.
  2. Assistance on your PC: You can ask Cortana to open the various apps installed on your computer without clicking any buttons
  3.  Track weather around the globe: You can accurately check the weather on a specific day and time, in a specific city in any country.
  4. Solving Mathematic queries and puzzles: Typical math calculations and conversions are easy with this voice assistant.
  5. Reading facts: Cortana can help you with knowing various facts and history.
  6. Location tracking: You can search for the location of a restaurant or hospital or your friend’s house.
  7. Playing music: Cortana can be used for entertainment purpose as well. You can play your favourite music – your favorite album, tracks or genres. Link your spotify account and listen to all kinds of podcasts.
  8. Reading emails: Briefing emails is a great feature. Its saves a lot of work as you can listen to the briefing and multi-task.
  9. Typing documents: It types documents as you talk or read content.

Tell us if you have used any of these cool features. Even though Cortana is less popular, are you willing to give it a chance? If you feel we have missed any other helpful features, let us know in the comments section.

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