The Story Of The Tech Giant Microsoft Will Inspire You To No Limits

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Let’s unfold the story behind this iconic software company that took the tech business by storm. 
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Microsoft is an American multinational company that works towards making software and hardware products used in science and technology. Let’s unfold the story behind this iconic software company that took the tech business by storm. 

 It has its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. It manufactures, develops, supports, licenses and sells computer software, computer electronics, personal computers and related services. Its well-known software products are the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems.  

The founding story of the Microsoft empire: 

It all started when Bill Gates and his friend Paul Allen set out on a business venture and to make use of their programming skills.  

On April 4, 1975, when most Americans used typewriters, the two childhood friends Gates and Allen started Microsoft, which stands for microprocessors and software. In order to make software for Altair, a personal computer company, Paul Allen resigned from his job as a programmer. 

And further Bill Gates became a Harvard University dropout in order to focus on their own company. The duo shifted to Albuquerque because the city was home to electronics firm MITS, the maker of Altair.  

By 1978, the company topped the sales by 1million, and in 1979 they moved their headquarters to Bellevue, Washington, a suburb in Seattle, their hometown. The company went on to sell its MS-DOS which is a command-based operating system, to IBM for its first personal computer, which launched in 1981.  

In 1983, Allen left Microsoft after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. However, he successfully recovered and went on to pursue other business ventures.  

In 1985 Microsoft introduced an operating system Microsoft Windows which had striking new features. Following that year, Microsoft changed its headquarters to Redmond, Washington.  

By the late 1980s, the company had become the biggest software company in the world by sales. And Bill Gates becoming the youngest billionaire at the age of 31.  

The company further went in to play in the waters of gaming and mobile phone market, which today is widely known as the Xbox in 2001 and Xbox live in 2002, which were both highly successful and put them the second spot in the video gaming market. The Windows Operating System is also used by numerous companies like HTC, Samsung and LG.  

They also acquired Skype in 2011 for $8.5 Billion, which led to being the most significant investment in Microsoft’s history. Think about the products you use manufactured by Microsoft. Would you like to manufacture and program these products in the future? Let us know. 

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