The Story Of Adobe Flash Player Will Send You Into Nostalgia

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Do you wonder why some of your online games don’t work? And the internet said the reason is that the Flash Player is no longer in use? But what exactly is this Flash Player? Let’s find out.  
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Credits : TenbyTen

Story of Flash Player

Adobe’s Flash Player is an animation software created by Adobe systems incorporated. It was used to stream as well as view video, audio and multimedia. Flash media was initially created by Macromedia, however, then was manufactured and distributed by Adobe Systems Inc. Till a while ago, Flash Player contributed to a major portion of the graphics that ran on the web.  

This animation software was Jonathan Gay’s first experiment. Later, he teamed up with Charlie Jackson, the maker of Silicon Beach Software. The duo went on to make animation software compatible with Apple. He later made the company FutureSplash Animator. Gay moving ahead with the company sold off the Flash software to Adobe.

The software was used for creating and running animation and graphics which was majorly used in games. Today even company websites use graphics but earlier, a lot of emphasis was given to games. It supported the formats like MP3, JPEG, PNG, GIF, FLV etc.

Gradually, Adobe gave various versions of Flash and the internet evolved in terms of graphical aesthetics along with developments in Flash Player. The company had various creation options like Adobe Animate, Adobe Flash Builder, CrossBridge etc. Flash software was freeware software meaning that it was available on the internet freely without any charges.

In 2020, Adobe took the decision of putting Flash Player to rest and our beloved friend of every 90s kid retired from work. Some games which paused by the developer and weren’t updated by their makers stopped working after Flash software was abandoned. It is still one of the most widely distributed applications on the Internet.

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