This Is What You Need To Know About The Story Of Yahoo

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Yahoo’s founding story is an inspiring one and will give you the push you need to get on with that brilliant startup idea you have.
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The story of Yahoo!

Yahoo Inc is an American company that offers a free online mail service called Yahoo mail. This mail was widely used before Gmail existed and most of our parents at least had one mail with this company in their times.

The company was started by two Stanford graduate students Jerry Yang and David Filo as a mere hobby. A project which was just started as a hobby went on to be worth $125 Million at a point.

The company was much ahead of its time but failed to monetise the great ideas it had. Like Yahoo Briefcase, which was a Cloud Service application launched by the company much before anyone else. But unfortunately, they did not pursue it and the cloud service domain was dominated by its competitors.

Pioneering in many other things too, Yahoo was the first site to add news, sports, and finance feeds to its web directory. The company was competing with many other things as it had got all the different services in one place.

Shannon Brayton, a senior manager, shared that the team at that time did not call it a portal. As portal was a door, and people came in or left a door but the team wanted them to stay in it.

Further, the giant made services for children, in music, gaming and many many more things which weren’t common back then.

But the company started a downfall in 2000. Certain decisions that the company took, according to experts, would have turned well if they were taken in a different way. Like when Yahoo was offered Google at a cheaper price, the company passed upon the offer and we all know about what kind of a giant Google is. Furthermore, it was also about to strike a deal with Youtube, Facebook, and others.

Fast forward to 2016, 22 years later, the king of the internet decided to sell its core operating business to Verizon. Forbes writer Brian Solomon called it “the saddest $5 billion deal in tech history.” Even though different people have different theories as to why the giant company is where it is, we all know that it held an immense Tessaract of potential within itself.

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