Why Don’t We Have A Self-Driving Car Yet?

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Think about a scenario a few years ahead, cars that do not have a driver. Some aunties will look at it and say ghosts are driving the vehicle. But that’s not at all true.
A self-driving car is driven by a program made in the evolving technology. But why aren’t self-driving cars out in the market yet?  
Self Driving Cars
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Self-driving Cars 

Driverless cars were made to improve the quality of life by easing our travelling burdens. The idea is that the self-driving vehicles would be linked all together in the same network. This network would allow a quick exchange of data that is collected by sensor-triggered software. The sensors are tasked with reading the car’s surroundings and then predicting what its next turn should be. This is done to determine its next moves in harmony with other vehicles on the road.  

The self-driving cars made the promise that they would minimize traffic congestion and make roads safer with ideally fewer crashes and fewer victims. As many road accidents happen because of drink and drive cases, self-driving cars would really prove to be the way forward.   

Why aren’t they out in the market? 

Many fatal accidents are caused by the partially and fully automated cars that have been tested. Giving technology complete control of the car on the roads and letting it take over the steering wheel has been challenging, according to the ground tests which were conducted. 

Further, research experts also say that the software responsible for driving cars are still vulnerable to hacking. This breach in safety could enable many parties to gain access to the car, control its movement, and subsequently threaten passengers’ safety. Hence, as it’s getting complex with every step, self-driving cars would still be a concept of the future. Would you like to sit in a self-driven car? Let us know in the comments. 

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