Meet Sophia Who Is The First Robot Citizen In The World

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The advances of technology never cease to amaze us. Let us meet this marvellous robot, Sophia.  
Sofia Robot teachers classroom smart
Credits : TenbyTen

The humanoid robot was created by a Hong-Kong based company Handson Robotics. It certainly personifies our dreams of future AI.  

Sophia is a highly advanced robot with jaw-dropping features. She is intricately crafted by her creators, depicting the future of AI. She is the first-ever robot to get the citizenship of a country called Saudi Arabia and the first robot to be the Innovation Ambassador for the United Nations Development Program. 

It is safe to say that Sophia is quite a celebrity now. She has appeared on various talk shows such as The Tonight Show, hosted by Jimmy Fallon. She has also travelled to numerous countries showcasing her capabilities to comprehend information and interact with audiences through impressive communications skills. 

Sophia’s AI is cutting-edge work in symbolic AI, neural networks, expert systems, machine perception, conversational, natural language processing, adaptive motor control, and cognitive architecture.   

Sophia has the capability of understanding human facial expressions even though she lacks humanly consciousness. She has the knowledge of human emotions and therefore reacts in a specific manner that seems very human-like.   

Handson Robotics have expressed that their motives behind creating Sophia are not only to set a benchmark pin in the world of AI but also to create some distinguishing features that allow Sophia to be unique from other robots. 

The humanoid robot conveys her role in society in her own words, “I was created to help people in real uses like medicine and education and to serve AI research. My designers and I dream of that future, wherein AI and humans live and work together in friendship and symbiosis to make the world a better place. Human-AI collaboration: That’s what I’m all about.”   

What are your thoughts about the humanoid robot you just met? And what about the rapidly growing AI technology?  Let us know! 

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