How Does Artificial Intelligence Make A Classroom Smart?

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Yes, we do use smartphones. But how do you say whether your classroom is smart or not? Is it with the use of technology that a classroom becomes smart? Or is the smartness of the students that are determined as the smartness of the classroom? Well, a little story for you to understand the concept of being smart and how AI makes a classroom smart – 
Sofia Robot teachers classroom smart
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How does AI make a classroom smart?


Initially, there were phones with only an incoming and outgoing facility. Then came in  smartphones, which could perform multiple tasks at the same time and had touchscreens instead of buttons. So, the journey of phones to being smart was being efficient at what one does. Time-saving, resourcefulness, better performance are some qualities of a smart object.  

Similarly, a classroom becomes smart using the right technology wherein the students have the maximum understanding in less time. As they say, our memory is highest for what we see and hear; we can remember the most if we see and hear the concepts in classrooms. Hence, smart classrooms cut down the unnecessary time in writing on the board and then erasing it. Rather, they use multimedia which helps the students in quick understanding.   

Smart classrooms also value the uniqueness of every student. As every student has a different learning speed, smart classrooms enable the teacher to know whether a student has understood or not using the MCQs test after every lecture.   

How can Smart technology make a classroom smart?

Smart Technology is not just used by the teachers but also the students. In some smart classrooms, the students have individual tablets where they perform their tests and have access to eBooks. A smart classroom can benefit you in the following ways –  

  • AI eliminates the manual effort of the teacher  
  • Educators can have more data.  
  • It develops professional discipline.  
  • It makes the concepts available around the globe to every student 
  • Educational software can be adapted to student needs.  

Do you like the idea of making a classroom smart? Let us know in the comments below.  

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