Have You Ever Heard Of This School With Robot Teachers?

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Suppose you enter your classroom one day, settle down on your bench, and you see your professor bringing a robot inside the school. What if your professor introduces new machines to you as the robot teachers? Do you know that a school in India is already doing this? Isn’t it a fantastic idea to have a robot teacher?  
Sofia Robot teachers classroom smart
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Believe it or not, this is a reality for the students of a school in Bengaluru. The students actually go to the school, and robot teachers, along with real-time teachers, conduct the classes. Indus School of Bengaluru have robots that run courses for students and assist teachers in monitoring a student’s performance. The robots conduct lessons in 5 subjects daily for about 300 students in Classes 7-9 in 4 sections.  

Indus International School’s chief design officer, Vignesh Rao, said in an interview, “The AI-enabled robots teach lessons in Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History and Physics to Classes 7-9. As per the Collaborative Learning Model (CLM), the man-machine team, comprising a teacher, students and the robot, collaborate in the classroom to deliver a lesson. The teacher collaborates with the robot and brings out the key concepts, relevance and application of the lesson being taught.” 

Mr. Rao and his team have designed and built the three robots in-house from lightweight 3D-printed materials with imported smart servo motors. The benefits of robot teachers also include better attendance in school. Who wouldn’t want to have robot teachers that answer all your questions?   

The robots have replaced the manual work such as showing power-point documents and explaining a concept verbally. With the use of robots, the teachers can easily supervise the growth of every student and pay close attention to the students’ level of understanding of concepts.   

With the help of robots, the teachers can also demonstrate concepts using multimedia instead of mundane books. Though books are crucial, smart technology can enhance the learning experience through the use of videos and graphics. Robot teachers also use the internet to bring back an answer for each question a student raises within seconds. It may be out of the human ability to know everything, but robots can make this happen easily. Would you like to have robot teachers? Share your opinion in the comments below. 

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