Let’s Read An Interview Of A Humanoid Robot, Meet Pepper!

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We have heard about Humanoid robots for a while. But what exactly has humanoid robots? Is Alexa a humanoid robot? Or why isn’t she one? Find out ahead.  
Credits : Financial Times

A humanoid robot is a robot whose body resembles that of a human. Often the creators of the robot make sure that the robot adapts to the human ways of gestures while talking and gives a variety of inputs when asked a question. The runs on artificial intelligence are charged from time to time. Hence, a humanoid robot is the one that acts and talks like a human.   

Since Alexa only has a human voice and not a humanoid body, she cannot be considered a humanoid robot. But do you know it? Pepper! Pepper is a semi-humanoid robot. It is manufactured by SoftBank Robotics. It is designed with a unique ability to read human emotions. Meaning, the robot can tell if a person is sad or happy by judging the facial expressions of that person.     

Pepper, who is a humanoid robot, gave an interview with Tech Insider, and this is what it says –   

Why do they call you ”Pepper”?  

Pepper is an accessible name to remember. It also translates well in other languages.   

Do you have any feelings?  

I don’t understand. How about a Taco?  

What kind of hosting duties can you do?  

The host is a solution where I work at businesses creating customers. Businesses can customise the information, and I can inform people when their appointments arrive.  

In the interview, the host is causally talking to Pepper as it gives fun answers. Pepper also responds to questions which is not a part of the program. It says, “How about a Taco? When it doesn’t understand something. Pepper is a 2014 prototype that is still involving as new things are added to its program.   

Do you feel excited to program a robot after this interview? Which all qualities would you include in your robot? Let us know in the comments. 

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