Here’s What One Can Learn From The Inspiring Story Of The Tech Giant Apple

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Just like any other tech fairytale of one garage and two friends, Apple too was started by two Steves – Jobs and Wozniak. the very humble beginning of this tech giant of today will give you the motto that everything starts with a zero.
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The founding story of Apple

Primarily, the company was founded by Jobs and Wozniak but were it not for their friend Ronald Wayne there might be no techno-wonders today. Wayne was an arbiter but ended up selling this 10% of stocks at $500 which would have been $72 bn 40 years later.

The Steves duo first built the ‘blue boxes’ that made it possible to make long-distance phone calls that too for free. Then the duo attended a computer hobbyist group that gathered in California’s Menlo Park from 1975, Homebrew Computer Club. They were inspired by MITS’ build-it-yourself approach and this led to Apple’s products of today.

Wozniak later built the first type-writer-ish computer which could be connected to a TV to use as a screen. Talking this he said, “When I built this Apple I… the first computer to say a computer should look like a typewriter – it should have a keyboard – and the output device is a TV set, it wasn’t really to show the world [that] here is the direction [it] should go [in]. It was to really show the people around me, to boast, to be clever, to get acknowledgement for having designed a very inexpensive computer.”

Later, sold this to fund the company. Steve Jobs decided to name the company Apple after returning from the fruit’s orchid. he further added that he found the name to be “fun, spirited and not intimidating.”

The brilliant logo

Initially, the company logo was complex now with Newton sitting under a tree but it was later simplified as a solid shape with a chunk taken out. Some theories also believe that the Apple logo with a chunk taken out of it is a nod at computer scientist and Enigma code-breaker, Alan Turing, who committed suicide by eating cyanide infused apple.

The growth of the company

Just like any other company, Apple too began by selling its products and making new collaborations to keep the innovations going. Things like the unique operating software, graphics interface, xerox buttons etc were added to the computer gradually. The company launched the revolutionary Macintosh or the Mac computer of today and hit the jackpot.

But in the 1980s, Steve Jobs left the company and founded NeXT taking several key Apple staff with him. The editor of II Computing magazine, DeWitt Robbeloth, wrote in 1985, “Most industry savants agree the move was good for Apple, or even crucial. Why? There were serious differences between the two about what Apple products should be like, how they should be marketed, and how the company should be run.”

The company was then run under the vision of John Sculley who became the CEO of the company. Later Scully appointed Jean-Louis Gassée to head the mac division of the company essentially in the place of Steve Jobs.

After Jobs left the company, the board was left to rethink the company’s agenda. But as changes took place, a few years later, the company saw a decline with IBM and Mircosoft’s rise.

After this, the company had to up its game and with all the new releases and the all-new collaboration with Microsoft which was no less a techno-soap-opera. During this time, the company lacked the industry tools like Word, Excel etc and even though, the company had its own power tools, they weren’t enough. That’s when Steve Jobs came back to the company regaining the company’s power.

Jobs realised recognised that if the company was going to survive it needed to concentrate on a narrower selection of products. And that’s where we got the unique products like iPad, iPod etc. From there the company saw a rise and reached where it is today.


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