How Do E-Libraries Function In The Age of Artificial Intelligence?

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E-Libraries, also known as Digital Libraries or Online libraries, are the online database of digital objects which include text, audio, video, digital documents which are accessible from the internet. Digital libraries can vary in size, and scope and content provided.  
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Five Concepts Of Electrical Libraries:  

  • Digital  

An electrical library has the capacity to hold tremendous of data, be it audio, visual, graphics, motion video in the form of digital data.  

  • Network  

It is a “world library” which crosses national borders regardless of the distances between actual electronics.  

  • Interactives  

The system enables the user to display multiple books on a single screen and skip from one part describing an idea to a link describing the same idea within another book. It also provides many options to the reader, like checking the background or context of something or accessing dictionaries etc.  

  • Multimedia  

This multimedia data is more understandable than conventional books containing only text, diagrams, and tables.  

  • Scalable  

The Electronic Library System can be used to build an electronic library in various sizes according to the available hardware, software, and data resources. The electronic library can be as large as a national library and as small as a personal library.  

Advantages of E-Library  

  • E-library is the easiest to use the available online research tool.  
  • Standards are searching to help the educators to integrate the technology into the curriculum by increasing technology literacy.  
  • Students can use the search by topic feature to retrieve a manageable amount of quality content quickly and easily.  
  • Public libraries need to offer an easy-to-use research solution to patrons.  
  • Point-and-click functionality ensures all the users finding the information they need. 

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