Do Machines Think? Let’s Find Out About The Possibilities

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Machines are so efficient and fast. But are they capable of something as fundamental as thinking? Let’s find out whether machines think?
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Have you ever wondered whether machines wonder too? Meaning, do you think that machines think? The answer lies in answering the question of the meaning of thinking in the first place.  

According to expert researchers, a person or a thing that can feel emotions like love, hate, fear, joy and can connect the dots between the feelings and the external stimulus (actions) are the ones who can think.   

Thinking is the brain’s function that accumulates data from external surroundings, natural instincts, feelings, and emotions and then reacts.   

For example, if you see a chocolate cake in front of you, your eyes see it first and send an alert to your brain stating a chocolate cake. Automatically, without tasting, the chocolate cake covered with the soft Hazelnut chocolate sponge and icing starts tasting in your mouth without even taking a bite.   

This ability of yours to have feelings about the things around us arise from thinking. Now, straight questions, do machines have feelings? No. Do machines have natural instincts? No. Are machines capable of being happy and sad about something? No. So, can machines think? No.  

This is also the reason why you get dreams and machines don’t. As you think and machines don’t. But this doesn’t mean that machines lack the essential human etiquettes as these habits and etiquettes can be programmed in their system. Furthermore, a machine may also be able to watch and learn from human behaviours. So, the big question is, would you want to develop a robot that thinks? 

In today’s fast-paced life where we need everything at our fingertips, technological advancements are roaring. We use AI many times in our daily lives. Read more about what exactly is artificial intelligence.

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