Can Humans Win A Game Against Robots?

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Robots with artificial intelligence can solve complicated mathematical equations, store massive data, and provide a solution within seconds. Now, if a robot can do all that, then do humans even stand a chance at defeating them in games? Can we win a game against robots?
Credits : TenbyTen

Can we win a game against robots?

Simple answer, yes. Yes, we can defeat robots in any game. For example, have you ever opened the chess game and chosen the option of ‘Play Against Computer’? This very option is playing against a robot with artificial intelligence. 

In most games, you choose the level of difficulty and play accordingly. Hence, you have a chance to win according to your skill level in the game. The computer does not learn new moves in this case but has a preplanned algorithm to decide its moves. But Artificial Intelligence Robots like AlphaZero are way beyond that.  

Alpha Zero was created with a computer that did not know any game or had no program which taught it to play its moves. The only thing that the program knew was to practice the games and store the results. So, the Artificial Intelligence algorithm became capable of learning new things and storing the result to understand which move leads to a win and which move leads to a loss. 

AlphaZero developed its strategies by playing practice matches. The computer was only trained in the game by playing with itself and other humans within a few hours. Then Alpha Zero went against the World Champions of many games and defeated them.  

AlphaZero grasped Chess, Shogi (Japanese Chess), and Go within a very short span of time. After learning these games, AlphaZero was also able to beat the World Champion Garry Kasparov.  

Alphazero gives us a very important message of learning new things and remembering our mistakes, so we don’t make them again. You too can develop programs that learn from the human behaviour around it. What would you like to develop? 

So simply answering, can we win a game against robots? Yes! But, it’ll need a lot of practice.

Discover more robots around us tomorrow. 

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