The Big Debate About The Future Of Work

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At first, there was more employment for humans due to the lack of Technology. But with the current growth in Artificial Intelligence, jobs are becoming scarce.
This is happening because robots are better than humans and can work efficiently with low investment. Hence, the big debate about the future of work lies in the growing unemployment problem caused by Artificial Intelligence.   


future of work
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The big question is,   

Will robots take all the jobs and create mass unemployment?  What exactly is the future of work? And will the future of work be impacted because of AI?

Now, get this first that this is still an ongoing debate, so not much of a conclusion has come up. But there have many facts, statistics and opinions shared. So, you are free to come up with your analysis after you read the following observations.   

Firstly, the Industrial Revolution of the early 1800s caused a massive spree of people being displaced from their jobs. How did that happen? Well, you see, there were jobs like Elevator men, Longshoremen, Gate Openers, etc., who don’t exist anymore.   

The elevators work on their own with a click of a button, and the innovation in Technology made thousands of elevator men jobless. Further, the gates open and close on their own, so even the duty of opening the gates and closing them was given to Technology over humans. In such a way, specific jobs were taken away from people.   

Now, let’s understand the other side of Technology impacting jobs. Technology has taken away positions but has given back newer and better ones, like making and assembling robots, programming robots, working on the internet, digital marketing, e-commerce, AI modelling, and many more. So even though AI took some jobs out of the picture, it has encouraged people to increase their skillset and find better jobs.   

So, after that analysis, what do you think, this AI taking away jobs or giving more? Let us know what you think about the big question. 

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