You Need To Try These 7 Awesome Things With Google Assistant Now!

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Google Assistant has been around us for a while, and its awesome features yet remain unexplored. This is what you need to try like NOW!!
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The revolutionary voice assistant works on an artificial intelligence-powered program developed by Google. It is was first released on 18 May 2016. The arena of the virtual assistant expands to Chrome, iOS, Android, Linux, and more. And hence you can find that google’s smart assistants work on multiple platforms like phones, laptops, etc.

With all its super features, the voice assistant isn’t often used to its fullest abilities. For example, did you know you could do all these amazing things with it:

1. Open any app hands-free!

Yes! You need to ask google, and there you go. It is the most common feature of voice assistants to follow voice instructions given by the user.

2. Find your phone at home

So if you are anything like me and have a hard time finding your phone at home, worry not. Just ask your Google Home device to ring you up, and there it goes. This feature also works on the Do Not Disturb or Silent mode.

3. Wake up with a song

If you hate the loud buzzing noise of an alarm, you can ask your google assistant to wake you up the way you wish. Google Assistant can serve up songs from your music library too.

4. Control your smart home

This feature requires syncing your home appliances with your Google Home device. This way, you can be in your car and instruct your device to turn on the AC to walk into an ambient temperature room. It can also be used for controlling various light systems. For example, you can make your room light switch from yellow to white to red with the right lighting equipment. But the key is getting smart lights, TV, refrigerator, and other appliances and letting them have one brain.

5. Listen to a story

You can ask Google assistant to tell you a story of your choice. Whether it is princesses or dinosaurs, the assistant can narrate the story of your choice.

6. Play an audio game

This assistant has a range of games to choose from. You can play trivia games such as Space Trivia, Marvel Movie Quiz and Song Quiz. An audio-based choose-your-own-adventure game called Space Bungalow is also available. You can even go super simple with Truth or Dare.

7. Learn a new language

Say, “OK, Google, translate hello to Spanish.” and you will hear “Ciao”. Use this assistant to learn any new language. You can also make it speak to you in many languages.

Did we miss any other awesome things that Google Assistant can do? Share with us in the comments section so we can share with our fellow readers.

On another note, have you ever wondered why most voice assistants are females by default? Well, find out here.

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