Meet A New Type Of Man’s Bestfriend, Robot Dog

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This dog doesn’t have puppy eyes but he still runs after a ball!

Dogs have been human companions for the longest time. These fur babies make our lives full of joy. They light up even the mundanities of life with their infectious enthusiasm and ultimately make us happy. 
Robot Dog
Credits : TenbyTen

Well, can robot dogs ever take their place?

Just like humans, any other living being needs love, care, and so much more. However, advancements in AI may allow even robots to have human emotions. With features ranging from security cameras for the eyes to bringing you water from the fridge to waking you up sweetly in the morning – this robot dog will be on its toes for you! 


Samsung has introduced its Robot dog, and it’s pretty cool; however, this one doesn’t wag its tail. It still does pretty fascinating things that make you question how incredibly technology has evolved. Samsung dog replaces the dog’s features with a screen. Instead of giving you a tilted face when confused, the Robodog gives you a question mark. 

Samsung and Boston Dynamics aren’t the only ones however exploring this, but the Chinese company Unitree Robotics has been working towards creating this extraordinary robot dog for years. They revealed their latest creation called Unitree Go1, a mesmerizing and highly impressive dog-bot that is remarkably cheap price ranging from $2,7000. 

Robot dogs can potentially become a boon for society due to the ever-evolving rapid growth in technology. These can be used in hospitals, malls, with hidden cameras for security as well. We will soon see Bot dogs who mimic dogs’ behaviours with the fast- pacing world and technological advancements. These are convenient and efficient, and they don’t bite! 

Do you want a robot dog? What would you name it? Let us know in the comments are below!

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