The Very Inspiring Story Of Jack Ma In Making His Company Alibaba

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This is what you must know about the inspirational story of Jack Ma and how he founded Alibaba, the giant company of today.

Alibaba Jack Ma

“Fight, keep Fighting to keep yourself moving to achieve your goals”

This is the tagline that “Jack MA,” the owner of ALIBABA group of companies, follows.”

Jack Ma is the owner of ALIBABA-world’s most prominent online e-commerce company in china, had to face several failures before making it a successful organization. Let’s look at his story and how he worked so hard his entire life before called china’s richest man.

After failing multiple times in school, college and even after facing rejections from police jobs, this man did not give up. When KFC came to China for the first time, they started looking for workers, and JACK MA applied there to work for KFC. Unfortunately, he faced clear rejection. All these rejections made him work even harder to achieve something big in his life.

“How JACK MA came up with an idea of making ” ALIBABA- a famous name” in China and worldwide.”

The company, Alibaba

The company was established on April 04, 1999, in Hangzhou (the Zhejiang) town of China. Mr Jack Ma and his wife and group of friends started working on their dream project from their apartment in Hangzhou. Their company built a website, “,” which provided a common platform for many business houses to sell their products/items to each other. After launching their website, the company did not earn any profit for three years and was almost on the stage of “bankruptcy.”

In 2002 almost after three years, the company turned out profitable and earned its first revenue. In 2003 the company made a vital decision by entering into a competitive world by launching “Taobao,” which declared its direct competition to “EBAY”.In 2005, it surprisingly took over china’s Yahoo, which made this company even more popular. An enormous success faced was when it was mentioned in the Hong Kong stock exchange.

How many countries are using ALIBABA these days? What is its current state of earnings?

It has made a great way towards success after struggling and facing failures. The company is currently running successfully in many countries, “India,” “Pakistan,” “Vietnam,” “Bangladesh”, “Thailand,” Japan.”The company’s net worth was estimated to be around 72 billion us dollars in 2020, with its net worth estimated at 19.82 billion US dollars.

JACK MA is the perfect example of an old saying –

Never give up. Maybe today is hard, and tomorrow is going to be even harder, but one should never quit and keep working hard because one day it is going to have sunshine.”

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