How Does Artificial Intelligence Help Us In Healthcare?

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AI in healthcare is basically known as the use of machines, software, robotic helpers and so on. It is designed in a way to present and comprehend information processed typically by human cognition. 
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AI in healthcare

Something that isolates AI from traditional methods in health care is the element of accuracy and well-calculated data analysis that AI provides. Especially for presenting, saving, understanding huge data, recognizing patterns, deep learning and creating predictions.  

The aim of AI in healthcare is to optimize the quality of health care provided to patients further enhancing the treatment and course of action for a patient.  

It is a boon to society and the future as AI not only is beneficial in predicting and storing huge data but also helping health care professionals.  

One of the world’s highest-growth industries, the AI sector was valued at about $600 million in 2014 and is projected to reach $150 billion by 2026.  

How is AI helping us in healthcare?

Artificial Intelligence helps us in the following tasks as well:

  1. Diagnosing the disease: How do we know that we have a certain ailment? By asking a doctor? But medical practitioners like doctors rely on certain facts and figures and often calculated guesses aren’t fool-proof. Hence, this is where artificial intelligence comes in. High-tech machines help in formulating diagnoses and imaging the internal condition of the body on which the doctors base their conclusions.
  2. Drug identification: How do you know the name of the powder you see? Sometimes two substances can look the same and sometimes, certain substances can be disguised in other things. In this case, the AI comes in handy as it can quickly run the tests and identify the substance.
  3. Controlling complex machines: In today’s world, doctors are using complex algorithms for constructing an organ unique to a patient. These advances are made due to the advances in technology. If AI wouldn’t have existed, there wouldn’t have been a machine that could actually take complex ordered.
  4. Help in surgeries: AI is helping in eye surgeries like removing the cataract etc. Surgeries like these which need a very stable human hand can be difficult as the hand tends to shiver with age. Plus there would be a lot of practice and training involved in making your hand stable enough to perform eye surgery, while a machine can do it better and faster.

We read about AI in healthcare but is Artificial Intelligence sustainable? What do you think? Let us discuss this in the comments section.

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