Future Job: How Would AI Impact Your Career?

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Imagine this scenario: sitting at your office desk and robots running on wheels rolls up to you and gets you the coffee you needed. Then imagine yourself as the astronaut flying to Mars, and with you is a robot helping you in your day-to-day duties. Sounds fun, right?
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How Would AI Impact Your Future Job?

That’s how Artificial Intelligence would change the future of our jobs when we start working. Believe it or not but the process has already begun. For example – the mode of online learning. Think about how a teacher’s job has changed from travelling to school, teaching on blackboards, and training over laptops.  

Similarly, if you observe the various professions around you with these same professions ten years ago working without technology, then you’ll notice the massive changes that took place.  

If just the introduction of computers can make such massive changes, then imagine what artificial intelligence can do in the fields. All the manual jobs that need human labour would be replaced by robots. Though this would create a lack of jobs in that sense, it would also open a new avenue of employment in Artificial Intelligence and Technology.  

Further, did you know, robots are already in the field of medicine performing accurate surgeries? 30-36 hours long surgeries exhaust humans out, but it becomes easier for robots. Hence, a new avenue for you can also be in the field of developing robots for surgeries. Or you may have Robo-assistant helping you out while you work as a doctor.   

Creative fields like architecture, poetry, literature, philosophy etc., may not have robots to make new ideas, but they will have Robo-assistants to help them with trivial tasks.  

Your future job would be different from what it is now with the new technologies coming in. What do you want to become when you grow up? What do you think, what will be your future job? Let us know in the comments. 

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