What Is An AI Baby? Let’s Meet One Today

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Did you know that AI babies existed? What is an AI baby? An AI baby would behave and look like a human baby but would be virtual and reside inside a computer.   
ai baby game against robots machines think
Credits : TenbyTen

Dr Mark Sagar is the researcher who is responsible for the detailed animation which combines human facial expressions into artificial intelligence. You may have seen his work in Oscar-winning movies like Avatar. The blue characters in the film were made to look realistic with the help of Mark Sagar. He co-founded Soul Machines and is working extensively towards merging human expressions into artificial intelligence. One of these works includes BabyX.  

BabyX watches the person interacting with it and responds to it. Additionally, BabyX does not copy your expressions and emotions but reacts to them just how a human baby would have reacted. It is a virtually animated baby that watches and also learns through interaction.   

BabyX is equipped with sensors like sound and visual recorders, which analyse the person’s responses and reacts to them. It currently resides in Mark Sagar’s computer and still developing ahead.  

BabyX is created with extensive research in the following departments –  

  • Advanced CGI  
  • Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures  
  • Neuroscience  
  • Cognitive Science  
  • Developmental Psychology  
  • Cognitive Linguistics  
  • Affective Computing 

Dr Mark Sagar said about the AI baby, “As BabyX will be engaged in the creative loop ‘her’ own painting evolves. We are exploring serendipity, playfulness and the very issue of creativity. Can we make a computer which is able to do that? And if we can, then working with a digital person can make them an artistic collaborator to help us create things we have never imagined.” 

Can humans win against robots? Robots with artificial intelligence can solve complicated mathematical equations, store massive data, and provide a solution within seconds. Now, if a robot can do all that, then do humans even stand a chance at defeating them in games? Can we win a game against robots?

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