5 Technologies That Will Change Your Shopping

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Do you shop from a retail store or an online one? Well, it’s time you switch to the brand-new stores which use Artificial Intelligence for shopping.   
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Beacons are small wireless devices that produce a continuous signal. The Bluetooth recognises this signal in your phone. The phone then sends an alert to the cloud suggesting the software about your shopping patterns. It also syncs the purchases you make and contributes to the Big Data of Shoppers.  

Facial Recognition

This feature detects around 16,000 features of the human face and differentiates one face from another. While shopping, facial recognition helps the store in recognising the shopping patterns and spending capabilities of the shopper. The intelligent AI also recognises the moods of the customers and lets the storekeepers know how to react to that customer.   

Robot Assistants

Robot assistants replace human labour and help customers while they are shopping. Robot assistants only connect the customer with a human assistant if the request is beyond the robot’s ability. Apart from helping the customers, the robot also keeps a check on the products and their logistics.  

Artificial Intelligent Mirror

These smart mirrors help you try on clothes and other accessories without having to use a changing room. This technology edits the dress or clothing onto you if you stand in front of it. You can also choose from the variety of colours available in an article of clothing.   


This is a next-gen method of shopping where the computer recognises you when you enter the shop and when you exit it. The AI smart tech also keeps track of what products you take along with you and automatically deducts those amounts from your account. This technology removes the problem of long queues, cash payments, check-out counters etc.   

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