5 Career Paths In AI You Must Know About

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As you are learning the different languages used for coding today, which one of them do you want to work on in the future? What’s your favourite subject? If you say Artificial Intelligence, then we may have some great career paths in AI.   
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5 Career Paths in AI

Artificial Intelligence counts as developing computer intelligence into robots that give a humanoid response. Similarly, these robots with an evolved artificial intelligence can be used in the day to day lives of people. Such robots can also help in comforting people and playing the role of a friend.  

Such robots need a powerful intellect to be able to connect with a human and help them. And this strong intellect comes from the numerous professionals who work into making artificial intelligence better.   

The following five career paths play a primary role in Artificial Intelligence. Check out the career paths in AI –   

  1. Data Scientist – A data scientist is responsible for gathering data and analysing the data. Data scientists have a good grip on maths and statistics, advanced analytics, including machine learning and AI. Further, in an organisation, data scientists extract helpful data from an ocean of information which is the internet and research conducted to date. In analysing the information, they make conclusions and accumulate insights and use them to support the business.  
  2. Machine Learning Engineer – The job of a machine learning engineer is at the core of AI projects and is appropriate for those who are good at applied research and data science. Further, it is also important to be an AI software engineer and show an intensive comprehension of different programming languages.  
  3. AI Architect – The job of an AI architect is different from that of a machine learning engineer and data scientist, as mentioned earlier. Artificial intelligence architects look after the overall needs of artificial intelligence projects.    
  4. Business Intelligence Developer – The essential objective of this job is to analyse complex data sets to recognise business and market patterns. Business intelligence developers are responsible for structuring, modelling, and keeping up complex data in highly accessible cloud-based data platforms.  
  5. Big Data Engineer – The responsibilities of big data engineers include designing, planning, and building up the big data environment. They often work on big data environment systems like Hadoop and Spark systems. The people who want to be Big Data Engineer need to exhibit significant programming experience with C++, Java, Python, and Scala. 

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