• environmental cost of AI AI in healthcare e-libraries Artificial Intelligence sustainable
    Shriya Sarang
    If an AI does more harm than good to the environment, it is not environmentally sustainable. But is Artificial intelligence sustainable or not?  Credits: Modern Diplomacy   Let us understand the meaning of sustainability first. Sustainability can be termed an object’s ability to give gains without harming the user or
  • ai baby game against robots machines think
    Shriya Sarang
    Did you know that AI babies existed? What is an AI baby? An AI baby would behave and look like a human baby but would be virtual and reside inside a computer.    Credits : TenbyTen Dr Mark Sagar is the researcher who is responsible for the detailed animation which combines
  • ebay facial recognition ai shopping
    Shriya Sarang
    Have you noticed, many phone cameras put a box around your face indicating that it recognises a face. But a picture just consists of different colours and shapes. But then how can artificial intelligence know for sure which form is a face and which is not? Moreover, have you seen those face recognition screen locks which
  • Sophia Robot teachers classroom smart
    Shriya Sarang
    The advances of technology never cease to amaze us. Let us meet this marvellous robot, Sophia.   Credits : TenbyTen The humanoid robot was created by a Hong-Kong based company Handson Robotics. It certainly personifies our dreams of future AI.   Sophia is a highly advanced robot with jaw-dropping features. She
  • Pepper
    Shriya Sarang
    We have heard about Humanoid robots for a while. But what exactly has humanoid robots? Is Alexa a humanoid robot? Or why isn’t she one? Find out ahead.   Credits : Financial Times A humanoid robot is a robot whose body resembles that of a human. Often the creators of the
  • robots cook future of work future job
    Shriya Sarang
    Imagine this scenario: sitting at your office desk and robots running on wheels rolls up to you and gets you the coffee you needed. Then imagine yourself as the astronaut flying to Mars, and with you is a robot helping you in your day-to-day duties. Sounds fun, right? Credits :

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