Welcome to TenByTen

TenByTen is an online technical education platform that prepares learners for future technical market through education and mentorship.

We offer a variety of technical courses for all age groups that have been listed on Courses Offered page.  

TenByTen emphasizes on real time programming courses for kids starting from 6 years, where kids learn to code with one-to-one or small group sessions. Unique courses have been designed for kids to introduce them to coding, analyze their interests and gradually take them towards the required direction. Through these technical courses, children will learn programming in different languages, web designing and development, game development, artificial intelligence and machine learning at a blazing speed. 

Along with learning, we make students work on different research projects where they apply their learnt skills and work towards new innovations.

About Instructor

Sonal Kukreja is an experienced computer science tutor. Being an M.Tech graduate, and Ph.D. pursuant, Sonal holds a passion for teaching and coding. She is pursuing her PhD in Computer Vision Programming and have various publications. She started TenByTen in 2016 to provide technical education to kids in the best way possible. 

She has a strong experience in various programming languages like C, C, Java, Python, R and MATLAB. She has a strong expertise in Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Vision.  

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