Technologies for children

Computer Science Learning for Children

"Innovate today for a better tomorrow by inculcating the indispensable skills of the 21st century"

Why Computer Science for Children?

As per Mckinsey Global Research Institute’s and Brookings Institute’s report, the majority of the jobs would be automated by 2030. Hence there is a crucial need to prepare our current generation for the future tech market. No matter what career they choose, every role will inevitably require technical skills. Thus, teaching Computer Science to kids at their initial stages would help them to become creators versus consumers of technology. Also, according to a research study conducted by George Land and Beth Jarman, the children of age group 5-8 have the highest creativity skills that start decreasing in adults. Coding activities would help in channelizing their brains towards creative and innovative ways and would also help in enhancing their analytical, logical, and problem solving skills.

What Parents Have to Say !

Sonal has perfected the art of igniting young minds. She is helping our children grasp the basics of computing. She is patient, very structured in her approach and amazingly great at scaling herself up or down in catering to her students. I would definitely recommend her mentorship for students of any age. Keep the good job going Sonal !!
-Balaje Raam
Sonal has taught my son Oskar since when he was 9. She is patient, knowledgeable and competent. Oskar is 10 now and he really loves lesson with Sonal and all the time waits for next lesson. I can recommend Sonal as a very good tutor. Oskar lives in Poland (EU) and lesson with Sonal this is a proof that knowledge can exist without borders.
Sonal is an amazing computer science tutor who understands how to explain the concepts in a very simple and easy-to-understand way . She knows her material and communicates it very well. Patient and not judgmental at all. I am definitely going to her if I need any help ...
Sonal is a knowledgeable, sincere and focused teacher. She has lots of patience with positive attitude. There is an exceptional growth of understanding in my son about the subject matter which is evident by the result acquired.
-Anand Dubey