To encourage children to learn to code during the lockdown while making them aware of  COVID19, TenByTen is organizing an online coding competition for kids - Lockdown Coding Challenge.

Lockdown Coding Challenge is a coding competition for kids the aim of which is to encourage kids to learn to code and use their coding skills to come up with creative ways to  spread awareness about Corona Virus. 

The competition will be an amazing opportunity for them to develop and showcase their coding skills, contribute to a great cause, and most importantly, have a lot of fun!


Here are a few things to keep in mind before participating:

  • The theme for the project is Corona Virus.

  • The competition is open ONLY for kids between the ages of 6 and 16 years.

  • Children can participate individually or in teams. The maximum team size is 3.

  • Children can use any tool/programming language to create their projects.

  • Every participant would be given max 10 minutes to present their work.

  • The last day of registering for the challenge is April 11, 2020 11:59 PM IST.

  • There are THREE Categories for the Project Evaluation:

    • Category 1 : ​SCRATCH  PROGRAMMERS

    • Category 2 : WEB DESIGNERS

    • Category 3 : MOBILE APP DEVELOPERS

How To Participate?

Register for the Challenge

The first step for taking part is registration. Go to the end of this page and register yourself .


Step 2 is preparing. Every child would brush up and apply their coding skills. They can use any tool/programming language to implement their ideas. The theme for the project should revolve around corona virus, COVID19. The children can contact us for guidance. We would help them working on it. Their projects should be ready by April 11, 2020. 

Showcase your Work

On the COVID19 PROJECT SHOWCASE day, every participant would present his work online. The event would be attended by all the participants, their parents and guardians and anyone who would like to. The invited judges would be evaluating the projects and deciding the winners.

What Type of Projects Can be Created?

The project can be a story, a quiz, a game, an animation, a webpage, a mobile application, etc. 

It should be original, unique and spreading awareness about COVID-19.

What do you get?

The winners would be awarded special gifts. 

There would be an appreciation certificate for every participant.

Spread the Word

We all are going through this COVID19 Phase and most of us are in lockdown. We want to engage the children in productive tasks during this time when their schools are shutdown. This lockdown challenge has been organized to give children an opportunity to showcase their creativity through coding.

The event will be successful if more and more people are aware of it and encourage children to participate in it. Kindly share with the children around you and motivate them to create and code  something of their own and showcase it among other participants from different parts of the world.

If you are a parent, an educator or a volunteer; and want to attend the event, please register here. It would be quite motivating for children to get suggestions and support from you.
Register as an Attendee

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